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M rencontre belgium

m rencontre belgium

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Herreweghe Christmas Cantatas from Leipzig -. Bach: "Wir danken dir, Gott" (Cantatas BWV 29, 119, 120) Cantatas BWV 29 21:50, BWV 119 22:32, BWV 120 19:53 Philippe Herreweghe Collegium Vocale Gent Soprano: Deborah York ; Alto: Ingeborg Danz ; Tenor: Mark Padmore ; Bass: Peter Kooy Choir: Sopranos: Goedele Debelder, Susan. 1st recording of Cantata BWV 12. Buy this album at: CD (2003 m Music Download: m ClassicsOnline C-15.S. Bach: Ich elender Mensch - Leipzig Cantatas (Cantatas BWV 44,48, 73, 109) Cantatas BWV 44 13:56, BWV 48 13:30, BWV 73 12:35, BWV 109 22:11 Philippe Herreweghe Collegium Vocale Gent Pitch: A'415 Hz Soprano: Dorothee Mields BWV 44, 73; Counter-tenor: Damien Guillon BWV 44,.

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